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Zass WP theme 3.4.9

8 January, 2019

Zass is the perfect WordPress theme for marketplaces of artists and craftsmen. Whether you are looking to build a fully functional online store such as Etsy, Ebay or marketplace, Zass is the perfect choice for you.

Features of the theme Zass WP Theme

    • Build your marketplace allowing multiple vendors to customize, clone and sell products.An easy-to-use control panel l for market vendors that provides a snapshot of their most important tasks. The feature-rich dashboard guides them to manage their products, commissions, order tracking and much more.
    • Notifications from administrator to suppliers : Share important information with your vendors or guide them to set up their stores. The administrator can also launch a quick announcement to notify market changes and updates.
    • Commission Management : the administrator can automatically disburse commissions to suppliers on an hourly, daily, monthly and bi-weekly basis. Alternatively, suppliers can manually request the administrator to disburse commissions. In addition, both the administrator and the supplier can track all their previous transactions.
    • strong>Supplier review management : Buyers in your marketplace can rate and rate a supplier. The administrator controls the review system and, optionally, can enable those buyers to qualify who has purchased from the respective suppliers.
    • Supplier Capacity Management: From loading product data, accessing export data to send a message to the buyer or make changes to policy settings: helps suppliers customise their stores and make it flexible for smooth operation.
    • Administration taskbar : Notification panel for site administrator to quickly complete tasks. Reject or approve the supplier, transfer the commission from the seller.
    • Multiple payment channels : Stripe, paypal, etc…
    • Multiple types of commission : allows administrators to set a multi-supplier commission for all their sales or for individual items. In order to decide who will assume the commission, the administrator can choose between the administrative tariffs and the suppliers’ tariffs.
    • Compatible with WC Vendors Pro and Dokan Multivendor Marketplace


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