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WP Smush Pro Compression Plugin

15 March, 2019
Smush pro optimiza tus imágenes

The most popular and easiest image compression plugin for WordPress!

Automatically optimize and resize all images in any directory of your WordPress or multi-site to load. Save space and speed up your site with the incredible power of WP Smush Pro WordPress Extension .

WP Smush Pro WordPress

Add-in Features

  • Optimize automatically the images in load
  • JPEG, GIF and PNG process
  • deletes all images from your site
  • Compression option without loss
  • Separate any image in any directory
  • Harmful compression Super-Smush
  • Change image size
  • WP Offload S3 compatible
  • Separa the original images
  • Global Smush Settings for multisite
  • Compression loss with little loss of quality
  • NextGen compatible gallery
  • Keep the EXIF data
  • Keep the original images
  • WP Retina Support 2x Plugin
  • Servers dedicated to friction
  • Use images up to 32 MB
  • HTPS support
  • Compatible WPML media
  • Strip unused colors from indexed images
  • Converts PNG into JPEG with loss
  • Progress and total savings advance
  • Compress single images
  • Fast asynchronous compression
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