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WP All Export Pro 1.5.5

13 February, 2019

WP All Export pro makes it easy to export data from Messages, Pages, Users or any Custom Message Type (such as WooCommerce Products, Orders, etc.) to an XML, CSV or Excel file. The export file can be organized exactly as you need it, with the data you need and nothing else.

WordPress XML exports and WordPress CSV exports are easy with WP All Export. Designed to be efficient with large databases, it will work no matter how much data you have in WordPress. WP All Export allows you to export hundreds of thousands of records, even on shared hosting.

Do you need to edit your messages or products in Excel? Export your data with WP All Export, edit your data as you wish and import it again using WP All Import.

Easy to use drag and drop interface. Select the data you want to export using the drag and drop interface of WP All Export.

Instead of ending up with a messy export file with a lot of unnecessary fields, you can choose to export only the specific data you really need.

Save the exported data as an XML, CSV or Excel file.

Send your export file to more than 500 applications. WP All Export uses Zapier to send your export file to more than 500 different applications. You can email your export file, import it to Google Drive, or back it up with Dropbox or OneDrive or Box.

Automatically run exports on a schedule. Exports can be adjusted to any time you need. You can create a custom sales report and send it as an email once a month, get a weekly list of all new registered users, or synchronize your site’s product stock to another site every day.

Easily filter exported data. Want to export all WooCommerce orders over $100? Want to export all the green t-shirts from your WooCommerce store? Want to export all the messages added in 2014?

Create easy-to-understand filtering rules with a simple and clean interface to get exactly the right data from your WordPress site.

Import again later with WP All Import. WP All Export can automatically generate an import within WP All Import to accompany your export.

Run your export. Edit your exported data in Excel. Then click Import with WP All Import from the Manage Exports page and upload the edited file. WP All Import will import your updated data to the exact same place they were exported from, without any configuration on your part.

Fully integrated with WooCommerce and advanced custom fields. WP All Export is fully integrated with WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Fields, and their associated plug-ins for WP All Import.

It exports WooCommerce orders along with all order items, fees, discounts, and shipping information. WooCommerce products and product variations are just as easy to export and can be imported anywhere with WP All Import.

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