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A plugin to create a marketplace such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, in no time.

Vendors who are part of this marketplace, have their own control panel and its interface the store where they can find everything they need. Access to the server is restricted to the administrator only.  There can be as many vendors as you want and they can create unlimited products. Create a set of Etsy-style shops.

The owner of the marketplace earns a commission for each sale, but in addition to commissions from suppliers or commissions based on products, you can also create monthly subscription packages or the temporality you choose.

The administrator can use Dokan so that he can control everything that happens in his marketplace. The publication of the product, the registration of the supplier, the renewal of the subscription and any other activity of the supplier.

What are the features of the Dokan plugin?

Marketplace with independent stores

  • Each seller has its own shop with a unique URL and its own brand.
  • You can create a “showcase” with contact details, social networks and widgets
  • Show store location map, if you also have a physical store.

Control panel for each vendor

  • Sellers handle products, orders, shipments, from a custom interface panel, without the need to access the admin of wordpress.

Wins with each sale of the sellers

  • A portion of the sales value is sent to the administration as a commission.
  • The commission percentage can be customized.
  • Allocate different commissions to different sellers.

Product management

  • Sellers create and manage your products from the interface.
  • Variable or downloadable products are supported.
  • Sellers have the option to manage product shipping attributes.
  • Sellers can manage downloadable product permission, expiration date and download limit.


    • Sellers can view their sales report, generate invoices and check all data from the interface.
    • Administrators can summarize orders and filter them by sale, by date, by main suppliers or by top earners.
    • You can export order reports to CSV.

Coupon management

  • Administrate and offer discounts for each product.
  • Establish maturity and restriction of coupons.

Manage product reviews

    • All product reviews are managed by vendors (with administrator control).
    • View all comments on products left by customers.
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