What is the GPL license?

GPL stands for General Public License. WordPress is open source software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It was created by bifurcating another GPL-licensed project; in fact, almost all major developers of plugins, themes, add-ons and extensions follow the GPL. Learn more

In how many places can you use WordPress plugins and themes?

In as many as you want. The plugins and themes are GPL licensed, so you can use them as many times as you want in the number of sites you choose. 

Are the plugins and themes updated to their latest version?

SI. The website is updated every day with new features or new versions (updates) of plugins and themes that we already had. As soon as we know an update, we update it in our site.

How do I update WordPress plugins and/or templates?
The easiest thing is to install this plugin Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin . Once activated, it allows you to upload plugins and themes in their latest version in .zip format as if it were a normal installation and automatically removes the previous version.

Why do some themes and plugins ask me for an activation license?

You can ignore these notices. The developers include them so that the plugin or theme can be updated automatically, and so that you can register for support. The article itself will work perfectly without entering anything in the box. You can update the theme and plugins manually as updates are available on our site as explained in the previous section.

As always, if you find the plugin/topic useful and want to receive official support from the author, we recommend that you buy it from the developer himself.

Is there any way to remove those activation reminders?
You can consider “hiding” license activation reminders through a plugin like “WP Hide Plugin Updates and Warnings“. This plugin is free and very popular in the WordPress community.