Elementor pro 2.9.4 plugin

Elementor 2.9 A plugin to build and edit websites intuitively and visually.

This visual layout plugin allows wordpress implementers to create original designs, without depending on the chosen theme and without having to touch a single line of code. Really, it has democratized the access to web design to all users, both DIY fans (do it yourself) and those designers, who without being specialists in programming, get to give an attractive and professional finish to the web.

It has a very interesting free version, so much so that it even competes with other DTPers in its paid version. In its pro version, it also includes many predefined templates of professional look, as well as blocks of structured content, so that with a single click, you can create the structure of a section of “Services” for example, which then only have to edit the information regarding your business.

In addition, it is fully adaptable to a responsive design, being able to modify the designs specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets with little effort and without compromising the desktop version.


Elementor WordPress is a WordPress plugin that became one of the most used page builders in these moments, given its simplicity, simplicity of use and immediacy in seeing the changes. In other words, Elementor is the utility you need to create a custom Internet portal.

It consists of a catalogue of “prefabricated” blocks, which make certain functionalities, and that you can drop and drag easily into your website, to create the site to your liking. You will be able to modify both the general appearance of the page and the appearance of each block without dependence (colors, fonts, size, images, effects …).

The surprising thing about Elementor is that you will be observing the result at the same time, without having to escape from the editor. Without a doubt, this plugin is the perfect satisfaction for WordPress individuals with both basic and advanced understandings, since Elementor can be used for some project.

Elementor vs Divi

Both platforms are great options, but how do you choose between them?

  • Divi is excellent for those who want to create their own children themes, designs and plugins. There are many third-party products available to help you get started and customize your website even more.
  • Elementor is an excellent choice for those who want to work with any topic. There are many designs available and you can use any third-party widget within the designs. Start for free and upgrade to professional later. Don’t think twice and start downloading elementor pro.
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