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All products contained in the catalog are developed by third parties and redistributed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL).  We offer regular and recent updates of available products. We publish new versions of wordpress themes and templates, as well as wordpress plugins EVERY DAY.

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Are you starting in the wordpress world?

Don’t worry, we’ve all gone through the same thing. Surely you are starting to make your own website or even for some relatives and acquaintances. Right now you are overwhelmed by the amount of plugins and templates you can choose from. The bad thing is that many of them are premium and require a previous disbursement that in the beginning can be complicated, even more without knowing if that plugin or wordpress theme is going to cover all your needs …. and of course, it is very difficult to know just watching the demo.

I know that you are excited and that you are installing any template or plugin that falls into your hands (Tip: that there is something, does not mean you have to use it) It is a phase that has to go through, so that when you become familiar with wordpress technology, you can carry out web projects for yourself or for your customers with the add-ons that are really worthwhile.

You can start by visiting our free wordpress templates , or download divi for free , which is one of the most complete topics, and from there, see your needs. Or if you feel creative, you can start designing from a blank canvas and download elementor pro gratis.

Are you a wordpress implementer?

You’re not very keen on getting your hands on the code, but you control the configuration of wordpress themes and plugins. The problem you are going to find is the large number of bad themes and plugins that circulate there. If after acquiring and installing it, you realize that you lack this or that requirement or that a feature does not act as it should, you are going to be disappointed (in addition to having descapitalized a little).

Download all the themes and plugins you need at If it’s really worth it, I’m sure you’ll be happy to purchase it to collaborate with the author.

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Are you a wordpress developer?

You know more than just WordPress. You have knowledge of HTML and CSS, and maybe even PHP and JavaScript. You don’t have to be a crack at all of them, but you understand them, understand them and know them better.

The WordPress developer is able to do things like change a plugin, alter a theme, change the look of a website through HTML, edit CSS manually, etc.. It is someone who can do things outside the control panel, and does not need everything to be based on clicks and “drag and drop”. Surely you need access to as many plugins and templates as possible to do your “magic”.

Is it safe to download plugins and wordpress templates for free?

This site only contains download links from third party sites by individual users that are freely available throughout the Internet. Most of them are free gpl plugins and free gpl themes. We are not affiliated in any way with such third party sites nor are we responsible for their content. All content is the copyright of its respective owners.

It is impossible to guarantee the content of, we always share plugins wordpress premium for free and temas wordpress premium gratis, only for test purposes, not for commercial use and we only share virus/malware free content, but nevertheless our recommendation is that you do not use them in production sites or in sites that you believe to your clients and that you restrict their use to verify that they are adequate to what you need before making the pertinent economic disbursement. Once you have reached that point, you are interested in acquiring them from their original creators, who in turn provide you with a guarantee of performance and support …